Why buy a dog harness?


If you have a dog, of course you want the best for your pet. This is of course also your responsibility as an owner. You must ensure that your dog remains healthy, but also can entertain itself. Generally, you have here certain stuff necessary, and you must buy these. The dog must be able to sleep well and for this you buy of course a dog basket of high quality. In addition, the dog needs a healthy diet, and you must look at what kind of diet best suits your dog. Probably you also regularly go outside with your dog and your dog must be connected to a leash. You can buy a dog collar for this purpose, but also a dog harness. What is the difference? In this article, we will discuss this in detail so that you can learn more about it.

Dog collar and a dog harness

A dog collar is ideal if you regularly take your dog outside. Yet, it may be that a collar does not work well. You must, in fact, sometimes restrain your dog and with a collar, this is complicated. If you pull on the leash, the dog feels this only at the neck, and you may also not pull too hard. With a dog harness, you do not have this problem and the dog is pulled back more easily. This is because a dog harness to the chest as the dog sits, but also to the legs. In this way, you can control the dog much better.

Buying a dog harness

If you want to buy a dog harness, you must take into account several points of interest. The size is of great importance, and there must be some space between the neck and the harness. You do not want that the harness sits too tight, because of this, the dog can get irritations at the skin. In addition, you must look well to the material of which the harness is made. Many people choose leather, but nylon is a cheaper solution and also quite strong. Leather must often be rubbed with leather grease; otherwise the material becomes very stiff.

If you want to buy a dog harness, it is important that you find the right provider on the Internet. There are several providers, but vetsend is known for selling collars and harnesses. Look carefully at the wide range of products and check the information on the various products.