What to Expect from a Professional Junk Removal Service


There will come a time when hiring a professional junk removal service becomes a non-negotiable solution. Whether you are moving out, remodeling, or planning a major clean-up, doing the heavy lifting can be quite burdensome. With the help of a garbage removal company, not only will you have less to do, but you will also have the assurance that you have a team of experts at your disposal.

For someone hiring a waste removal service for the first time, there are many questions you want to get answered. This article will be your guide so that you know what to expect by the time you pick up the phone to make an appointment.

Junk removal in a nutshell

Evergreen Junk Removal generally provides the workforce, labor, and equipment needed to haul away any type of junk from residential and commercial establishments. They can even handle more complicated tasks such as removing hot tubs and swimming pools. There is no junk that a professional garbage disposal service cannot handle. Nonetheless, it is best to verify if the company you are working with is licensed to handle and dispose of certain household chemicals such as refrigerants found in cooling appliances.

Recycling and sorting is part of the package

When a junk removal service hauls away garbage from your home, they will sort and recycle the junk first before final disposal. Most of these companies have a warehouse or facility where they recover recyclable materials. After the final sorting, waste will be disposed of accordingly. You may even ask if the company works with local charities who may benefit from donated items like old clothes and books. If so, you can specifically instruct them to give away your items instead of disposing of them.

Compliance with waste disposal regulations

Getting rid of some types of garbage can be tricky. For example, you cannot haul and leave an old air conditioner in the municipal dump. Chemicals like refrigerants require special handling. It is best to trust a licensed waste disposal company, to guarantee safety. These companies comply with the latest regulations on how to deal with hazardous household and commercial waste.

Skilled and trained professionals

Some junk hauling companies specialize in removing specific types of waste. For example, if you need help with removing an old bathtub, you can call a garbage hauling service that handles these types of jobs. The same applies when you have hazardous chemicals that need disposal. A professional trash removal service trains its employees on the proper protocols and practices to guarantee the safe removal and disposal of these types of garbage.

Serves a variety of industries

Professional junk removal and disposal services cater to residential and commercial clients. From construction companies to retail businesses, industrial facilities, and regular homeowners, you can trust that there is no job too simple or too complicated for them to handle. If you are worried about the cost, all you need to do is call and get a quote. Since the fee depends on volume and type of garbage, you will pay only for what you need removed and disposed of.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/8Yk4T-tDSYY