What are some lucky plants for the home?


Quite often we should thank the Almighty for blessing us with everything that we needed to sustain in this planet called Earth. From food, shelter, cohabitant to our beautiful nature, everything about this planet leaves us in awe of it. One such thing is a wide, beautiful plethora of plants. Every plant is beautiful, is one of its kind and has got something beneficial for us to make us happy. Some plants bear fruits, while some others bear just flowers. Some plants are green while some plants are colourful. Some plants are used as a medicine, while some others bless us with good health, prosperity, good wealth and good luck. Talking of some plants which are lucky to be brought indoors, here’s a list of few if you wish to redecorate your house with a few of them. Most of these are easy to take care of which are perfect for someone who doesn’t have much time to nurture these beauties.

  • Palm – Exuberating those cool, beach vibes, a palm plant is said to attract good positive vibes or good energy as per FengShui It increases the flow of “Chi” and activates other blissful Feng Shui elements. It also acts as a natural air purifier as it helps to eliminate toxins or harmful dust particles from carpets and other such sources.
  • Money Plant – When someone questions – what is the luckiest indoor plant? then often without a doubt, people end up exclaiming – Money plant. Bringing harmony in human existence, a money plant is also responsible for bringing good luck and money. FYI – A money plant also oozes of positive energy.
  • Lucky Bamboo – Asians quite strongly recommend this plant when it comes to suggesting some of the names of lucky plants that can be planted indoors. The name of this plant makes it quite explicit, how lucky a bamboo plant of this kind is. Chinese refer to this plant as Fu Gwey Zhu which means Fu – Luck and Fortune; Gwey – Power and Honour and Zhu– Bamboo. It is one of the plants which represent the five elements like Fire, Earth, Wood, Water and Metal to bring harmony.
  • Bonsai Tree – A bonsai tree doesn’t look quite appealing but is worth bringing indoors as it has got some benefits to look forward to. Symbolising patience, resilience, kindness, persistence and positive attitude, a bonsai plant acts as an air-purifying plant which also looks into calming your mind and raising our dopamine, endorphin levels in our body.
  • Jade Plant – Having a cutesy, ornamental plant like appeal, a jade plant has got many other lucky properties to leave everyone in its awe. It is said when a jade plant is placed at the entrance it attracts wealth and success and brings favourable business outcomes.

So, these were some of the lucky plants to decorate your home with which has got more than its appeal or adorability factor to woo you with. Trust the power of these green beauties and see the kind of fortune it brings along with it.