Use The Power Of Customer Reviews For Your Franchise.


Building credibility for your business is one of the keys to success. Especially at a time when you have so much fraud and illegal practices taking place.

This makes people reluctant to do business with you unless they are sure you are an established business they can trust.

And building credibility takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process of gradually building trust between you and your customers the last a lifetime. And there are different ways to go about it.

Building Trust Between You And Your Customers.

You can gradually build that trust by building your business based on honesty. This can be done by always going out of your way to ensure all of your customer’s needs are met. For example, if they are looking for a specific item that you don’t sell at the present time try to accommodate your customer and work to get that specific item for them.

The customers then get a sense that you really care about their concerns. This builds trust because they see that you don’t view them as just a dollar sign, but as a valued customer who you respect and who you cherish as a customer.

Your customer service should also be a top priority if you’re working to build trust between you and your customers. Good or bad customer service are two of the primary things which determine the success or failure of your business.

If you have excellent customer service it goes a long way in establishing trust between you and your customers. They will be confident shopping with you because they don’t have any concerns if they receive a defective item, or the shipment of their particular item is slow, or God forbid for some reason they don’t receive the shipment of their item.

They would have no concerns whether you will effectively deal with the matter in such a way that is in their best interest. Because you’ve done it repeatedly over and over for them and so many other customers.

Establishing Your Business As Trustworthy Through Customer Reviews.

This, in turn, results in great customer reviews. And this is where you want to be. One of the quickest ways to establish yourself as a trusted organization is by the reviews you get from your customers. And why wouldn’t it be?

Trust is definitely built when customers read or hear stellar reviews about your service and your products. I know because that’s one of the first things I look for when shopping for products.

Especially if it’s a product that I’m not familiar with or I have no experience with. The first source I go to is the reviews from customers who have previously purchased the products, listening to what they have to say about the product and if they are pleased or disappointed with the product. This gives me a lot of insight as to whether I should purchase the item.

Obviously, if the customer is trashing the product and the customer service of the company I would have second thoughts about purchasing the product.

But conversely, if the customer is raving about the product and the customer service provided by the company I would be more inclined to do business with the company and purchase the product.

This is a no-brainer. This is why building trust by following the steps previously outlined in this article is so important. Building solid trust between you and your customer base through great customer service and being attentive to the needs of your customers naturally transitions into positive customer reviews.

Which results in more sales and more business. This is the power customer reviews produce. You can actually do this on your own or you can actually hire a franchise reputation management company to do it for you. Franchise reputation management companies do most of the work for you while you watch your business grow.