Trump welcomes Chinese students studying in the United States


US President Trump told the media after the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan that US companies can continue to cooperate with Huawei. In his speech, he also said that Chinese students are welcome to continue studying in the United States. Trump said, “We also discussed education. Some people say that it is difficult for Chinese students to study in the US. Although some people think so, I don’t agree. We hope that Chinese students will come and join our good universities. Chinese students have been They are all good students.” This is the first good news, and many applicants are relieved.

In the face of the doubts of the previous period, coupled with the increase in the visa to the United States to increase the review of social accounts, so that the small partners, especially those who are allowed to go to the United States, once fell into panic. Many study abroad parties are worried about what the next policy will be and whether they will be “implied.” In the face of all kinds of remarks, finally, the universities in the United States can no longer sit still seeing this situation. After all, the educational institutions in the United States are separated from the government’s behavior. Therefore, when Trump screams to suppress foreign students, the universities have come out. it is good.

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Whether it is from the school voice or from the admission level, the impact on studying in the United States is not significant. After all, international students have increased their diversity, and secondly, they have brought a lot of benefits to the school. According to statistics, for nine consecutive years, China has been the largest source of students studying in the United States. In 2017/2018, a total of 363,341 Chinese students studying in the United States went to the United States to study, accounting for 33.2% of the total number of students studying abroad, contributing more than $13.8 billion. Therefore, studying in the United States has always been very popular.

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