Transforming Your Office To Create A Productive Working Environment


If you are planning an office refurbishment there are many different factors for you to consider, the demands on the modern workplace mean they need to be flexible and highly functional to enable your staff to succeed. Effective division of the available floor space is a critical element of any workplace, this is normally done in the office environment by utilising some sort of partitioning system. I’d like to give you some essential information on an increasingly popular type of partition which is transforming dull and dreary offices into modern and light spaces where staff are engaged and creative.

Introducing Glass Office Partitions

What I’m referring to are glazed office partitions, available in many different configurations; they can form the centerpoint of any office redesign, from a single glass wall to a four walled glazed meeting room options exist for any budget. The use of glass partitions has many benefits but the most important is that they spread healthy natural light throughout. It’s now well known that natural lighting has scientifically proven benefits, staff in well lit offices are happier and healthier meaning they are more productive and off sick less. Office space with ample natural light is also more appealing and cheaper to run, staff are more likely to want to work in an office like this.

The Different Types of Glazed Partition

Office glass partitioning exists in about half a dozen main types from the budget options to high-end glazed partition solutions; they also have a different level of acoustic protection. The main types of glazed office partitions in use today are as follows –

  • Single glazed – a great budget option with good all-round performance.
  • Double glazed – improved acoustic performance with optional switchable blinds for additional privacy.
  • Banded glass – a popular choice in industrial themed offices with aluminium framing forming an internal square pattern.
  • Acoustic glazing – with a protective membrane this type gives the highest level of sound protection if a quiet meeting room is needed in a noisy workplace.
  • Fire-rated glass – can be used to protect fire evacuation routes and storerooms that need additional protection in an emergency.
  • Demountable Partitions – relocatable partitions offer flexibility as they can be moved as needed.

Finishes And Additional Extras

There are optional extras available for your glazed partition, internal privacy blinds, or what is referred to as switchable glass, which can switch between transparent and opaque glass at the touch of a button giving privacy when needed. Glazed partitions must always have some sort of additional covering called manifestations; these are generally stickers of any design which prevent people from walking into the clear glass walls. They can add to your overall office design or promote your company logo and highlight your brand, the choice is endless. Doors to glass offices can be traditional timber or several glass options, from sliding doors to fire-rated glass to suit situational needs.

By choosing glass partitions for your new office, you’ll be making the right choice. It can form the key component of a superb overall aesthetic look, transforming the workplace into an asset you’ll be proud to show off to visitors and new clients alike. Find your local glass partition specialist today!