Tips for using a cryptocurrency hardware wallet safely


One of the essential things that you most certainly should be comprehendible with before you get to choose which hardware wallet you should for the purpose of safely storing all of your crypto currency assets or ensuring that you are exchanging the crypto currency assets such as the bitcoin, dash, stellar, and the bitcoin cash is usability and security tips.

These security and usability tips are very much capable of being used on any crypto currency hardware wallet be it the Ledger Live 比特,trezor, or the keep key hardware wallets. By thoroughly reading this particular article you will most certainly get to learn and also have a clear understanding of the tips for using a crypto currency hardware wallet in a safe manner.

Below is a detailed list of some of the major tips that you most certainly can implement whenever you are using any type of crypto currency hardware wallet so that you can ensure that you are using it in a safely manner.

This is something that is very important for you to know, and the reason being is due to the fact that it will most certainly ensure that you have a good experience whenever you are using these crypto currency hardware wallets to safely store your crypto currency assets or ensuring that you are exchanging your crypto currency assets in a secure manner.

1 )Use a Safe Pin and Memorize it

The pin that you basically input while you are setting up your hardware wallet device is extremely essential. Select a pin that is typically not easy for any individual to guess it. Memorize that pin due to the fact that you will most certainly be required to provide it so that you can gain an access to your hardware device. If perhaps needed, write it down and put it in a safe location.

2 ) Keep your Recovery Words safe

The twenty-four words that will be basically generated by the crypto currency hardware device for you, is the manner in which you are very much capable of regaining access to your  hardware wallet device if it is lost, damaged, or stolen. If by any chance your twenty-four word fall into the wrong hands, it is very much capable of costing you all of your funds as they are pretty much capable of being used to retrieve funds to a remote server. Therefore, keep the paper with the twenty-four seed words somewhere safe such as a bank lockbox.

3 )Split your funds into two hardware wallets

It is very much recommended for you not to put all of your crypto currency assets into one hardware wallet. To be on the safe side, it is advisable that you divide your total funds into two or more parts, or as many as you are most certainly comfortable with.

Afterwards, store them across dissimilar hardware wallets. This will basically ensure that even if one of our crypto currency hardware wallets is compromised, you will not lose all of your crypto currency assets as you have divided them previously