The Various Designs That Concrete Offers


We have enjoyed great advances in building materials, and when looking to resurface your driveway, you are indeed spoiled for choice, with block paving and natural stone both offering good value for money, yet concrete can offer a whole lot more than a drab grey finish. Just about any shade of any colour can be perfectly replicated, and with the colour oxide added during the mix, the rich colour is evenly spread, leaving you with a stunning finish.


Aggregates offer a range of textures, and when you take a look at the exposed aggregate driveways in Melbourne, you can see some fine examples of what is possible. The premix assures there are no loose stones, which was the only bad thing about a pebble-stone drive, and the finishes that are available enable you to choose something unique.

The Pavers Effect

You could, for example, have a smooth concrete driveway, and the team use a diamond-tipped saw to cut grooves into the surface, giving the impression the surface is paved. Paving is nice, but the slabs move around after a while, leaving an uneven surface, but with a faux paving finish, you have the look without losing the strength.

Hand Tools

A skilled driveway installation team would have a bag full of special combs and other tools that allow them to create truly original designs, so if you want something out of the ordinary, you won’t be disappointed. You can browse a catalogue showing the many finishes that can be created from this versatile material, and whether you want fine aggregate, or a smooth concrete finish, the supplier can deliver the goods.


Much like a paint store, you can have any shade you like, and as the colour oxide is added during the mix, you are guaranteed an even finish. You could even select two colours, with different sections boarded off, and with the right edging stones, you will have a driveway that turns heads.


For the very best in terms of protection, it is recommended to seal the driveway after completion, which protects the surface from the harsh elements, and adds a few years to its life. The supplier would likely recommend the sealant, which isn’t expensive, and when you power wash the driveway, it will not remove the sealant, simply takes away the dirt and grime that collects over time.


The list of textures available with concrete is indeed long, and the best way to approach this is looking at the supplier’s images of previous contracts. Whether you prefer to fineness of crushed stone, or the rugged feel of aggregate, there is something to suit every style, and with the right thickness, your driveway will not fall victim to ground movement in any way.

If you would like to explore the potential that concrete offers, search online for a local company that specialises in concrete driveways, and with their expertise and your ideas, the perfect driveway awaits! Talk to your local driveway specialist today and see what he can do for you.