Ten Things You Should Know About Modular Homes


When talking about modular homes, most people confuse them with manufactured homes. The two are different in how they are built, materials made, durability, among other features. Here are a few things you should know about modular homes:

  1. They are Durable

These homes are built with materials strong enough to withstand winds of 175-mph. Although they are assembled in a factory, manufacturers ensure that once they are put up, they last long.

If you prefer a stronger home, custom modular homes are available. Here, one can specify the strength and type of material they want.

  1. They Appreciate

During appraisal, modular homes receive similar treatment as traditional homes. But, these are easy to break-even if one decides to invest in them. The ease of maintenance makes them more profitable.

  1. They Are Different From Manufactured Homes

The only similarity between modular and manufactured homes is they are both made in a factory. Their configurations are, however, different. Manufactured homes contain poles and hooks that allow them to be relocated. Modular homes do not contain these.

  1. Materials and Designs

Modular homes can be manufactured using different materials. They are mostly made from shipping containers, wood, steel, and engineered wood. Their designs are not limited, and homeowners can create with whichever they want.

People who want something that represents their style can consider custom modular homes. They can choose the material, color, and design for their houses.

  1. Their Insurance is Similar to On-Site Homes

When considering insurance premiums, modular homes and traditional homes are the same. Taxes and other financing options are the same to ensure homeowners do not worry themselves sick about insuring them.

  1. They Save Time

Their construction is not slowed by weather, upfront fees, and other factors. Therefore, one does not have to worry about their home getting destroyed by bad weather.

Still, because they come while ready to put on a permanent address, time that could have spent in painting and building on-site is minimized.

  1. They Have a Unique Design Process

Manufacturers use computer-aided designs (CAD) to design modular homes before they even think about manufacturing them. This approach creates accuracy in the models selected for the homes.

To ensure these houses are safe, contractors follow the designs created through CAD on the physical address.

  1. They Are Cost-Efficient

The overall cost of building a modular home is cheaper than that of a traditional house. Less labor is required in a modular home, which cuts costs significantly.

Additionally, homeowners do not have to pay different professionals to inspect their houses at every stage of construction. These are often inspected at the factory during manufacture.

  1. They Are Energy and Resource Efficient

Modular houses conserve energy during and after construction. When compared to traditional buildings during construction, these houses save up to 67% of energy.

Since the materials used in making these homes are energy-efficient, occupants and homeowners spend less on their energy consumption.

  1. They Are Low-Maintenance

A traditional house requires regular maintenance such as painting, surface repairs, and others to keep them looking appealing. But, for modular homes, one only needs to clean them with clean soapy water to maintain them once in a while. They do not peel their paint nor have their steel rust.

Are you planning to build a modular home but are feeling skeptical? Worry less. The houses are as safe as the traditional ones but are more affordable and easy to build. Talk to an experienced contractor to give you options you can use while building your modular home.