Stairlifts – Essential Maintenance Tasks


The stairlift is an amazing invention that helps those with mobility issues to negotiate the stairs and over the years, stairlifts have seen ongoing development, with a new, streamline look. Like most complex machinery, stairlifts require regular maintenance, which is as follows.

  • Gear rack lubrication – The gears are inside the motor casing and lubrication is essential; certain cogs and chains need special grease, while all safety circuits should be inspected.
  • Seat – Swivel inspection and clean.
  • Rail inspection and clean – Dust can gather and a damp cloth is all it takes to keep it clean.
  • Replacement of wearable parts – A close inspection would reveal any worn components.
  • Stair bracket inspection and adjustment – All bolts should be tightened.
  • Directional sensors –Test and adjust.
  • Overall close inspection – The engineer would self-operate the stairlift, paying attention to sound.

Those who are looking for new stairlifts in Leicester are fortunate to have a leading supplier on their doorstep; they recommend an annual service. Whether you purchase or rent a stairlift, the supplier would insist on carrying out essential maintenance.

24/7 support

Should there ever be any issues, simply call the service hotline and the supplier will send an engineer to your home to investigate. Using the best quality components, there isn’t a great deal that can go wrong, providing you stay within the weight limits (120kg). Moving parts need lubrication and should you notice noise, stop using the device and call the service engineer.

If you would like to learn more about stairlifts, start with a Google search to find a local supplier who is able to quote for purchase or rent.