Simple Things That Make Moving Day Easier!


Is there any joy when it comes to moving? It can be fun or a miserable experience. Some have a moving party with friends while others hire a moving company. For those making the move by themselves, here are some suggestions for a smooth, easy, painless and efficient move.

Moving to a new residence isn’t a one-day affair. It begins with a plan occurring over several months. From deciding to move somewhere else to unloading the last box, there are many aspects necessary to a move. It’s not just about packing and unpacking.

Mail & Utilities

The Mail

The United States Postal Service offers residents a free “moving kit” of forms and necessary information. This ensures the mail gets forwarded to the new address. Don’t depend on the USPS to forward all your mail. Notify credit card companies, relatives and magazine subscriptions of the new address.

Local Utilities

Contact the local utility company advising them when to turn off the gas or electric and when to start same day power service at the new location. The utility needs advance notice and a deposit before turning on the new address utilities. If another utility company provides residential service, contact them to establish service.

Cable TV/Internet/Cell Phone

Consult with the local internet and cable television provider. Ask if they provide service to the new address. If they do not service the address, contact the new internet/cable television provider and create a new account. When moving day arrives, it’s good to have same day power turned on. Television and computers will not turn on and no heat or air conditioning available. Check if you can keep your cell phone number and service provider at the new address.

Moving Day

Boxes, Tape and Other Necessities

Moving day is not the day to get boxes and packing tape. See what is being moved and estimate the boxes needed. It’s always better to have more boxes and tape instead of not having enough. Excess boxes and tape are returnable. Don’t jam your clothes into small boxes. Consider wardrobe boxes to hang up and protect your clothes.

Mark the contents of each box in bold lettering. This makes it easy to place items in the correct room. Use a hand truck or dolly to move large items and heavy boxes. Carrying large or bulky boxes long distances or up a flight of stairs is exhausting. Keep pliers and screwdrivers handy for unexpected problems. Is it better to rent a truck or hire a moving company? It comes down to economics. Some people like to make the move themselves and save money. Others prefer to hire a moving company to load and unload many boxes.

Unlocking the Front Door

Moving day is here.  Arriving at the new address, confirm the power is on. Without power, food can’t go in the refrigerator or freezer. Turn on the heat or air conditioning to feel comfortable while unpacking. Consider placing boxes in the closets and unpack them one by one. This eliminates clutter in the room and allows family members to walk around with tripping.

Give each room a quick cleaning before assembling sofa units, beds, and wall units. Unpack rooms one room at a time or set up essentials, like the television, living room or bedroom. After everything’s unpacked, everyone’s glad moving day is over.