Simple Ideas To Make Bathrooms More Functional And Modern


There is something unique about a genuinely excellent bathroom. People commonly turn to websites and magazines for ideas when remodeling their bathrooms. People become overwhelmed by the choices since there are so many stunning designs, each as lovely as the last. Bathrooms come in a variety of styles, sizes, and layouts. One may have missed options that expert Dallas interior designers can help them see. It takes a lot of thought to design a bathroom that brings a smile to the face every time a person looks at it. Here are some tips for remodeling a luxurious bathroom:

Tips for Standard Bathroom

A basic bathroom, often known as a full bath, has a sink, toilet, bathtub, shower, or both. Some earlier houses were constructed with only one full bathroom for the entire family to share.

Master en-suites contain the same basic features as standard en-suites but are accessed through the master bedroom. When remodeling or building a master suite, many homeowners nowadays aim for an opulent, spa-like setting. One can consider soaking tubs, steam showers, and skylights. A well-designed master suite can be a relaxing retreat at home.

In most cases, if a master suite does not already exist, one can be added. That will free up the present standard bath for family use and eliminate the long waits for the morning shower.

Tips for Half Bath

The toilet and sink are the only two fixtures in a half bath, often known as a powder room. If a house only has one full bath, adding a half bath can be life-changing. This is perfect for guest entertaining while maintaining personal privacy and hygiene.

A half bathroom’s small footprint is one of its best features. However, a half bathroom doesn’t have to look like a public toilet. One can consult with Dallas interior designers for inspiration for designing a well-designed powder that matches the whole personality of the house. Even in the smallest spaces, such as empty corners and closets, professionals can squeeze in half bathrooms. Adding a half bath is a simple method to increase the value of a home while also making life easier.

Tips For Wet bathroom

A wet bath is a style of a full bathroom in which the shower is not in a separate cubicle or hidden behind a curtain. The floor, cupboards, and walls are all fully waterproofed. Without any heavy shower doors to get in the way, it looks sleek and modern. Since there are no curbs or other obstructions, one can enjoy free motion while entering and exiting the shower.

Wet baths also have the benefit of being space-efficient. When remodeling or adding a bathroom to a home, square footage is essential, and a wet bath can fit into a smaller room without requiring a fixed space for a shower frame or stall. Wet bathtubs are more expensive, but they are the most durable option for customizing a lavatory.

Consider lighting

Many people overlook lighting when designing a brand-new bathroom. Ample natural lighting is the key to making a bathroom feel airy and bright. One can include a skylight and a lot of windows in the design, if at all possible.

No matter how effective a strategy for natural lighting is, the sun sets every day, so the bathroom will also need a plan for adequate artificial lighting. Thinking in terms of layers is a brilliant place to start. A dimmer switch and recessed LEDs can create ambient lighting.


It’s a good idea to think about accessibility while redesigning a bathroom. To make a space more accessible, Dallas interior designers can help install a blocking behind the drywall to support grab rails in the future. A walk-in, curbless shower is also an attractive option that has the added benefit of accessibility. When remodeling a bathroom, taking accessibility into account can be a simple and proactive approach. Some options include slip-resistant tiles and wet-room designs.