Learn how to Change your Name with this Step-by-Step Guide


You may, at some juncture in life, feel the need to change your name legally. Once you’re sure you want to do that, you need to take the right legal route. The name change process you embark on should be legitimate so that your new name is legally valid everywhere. For that, you need to acquire a Deed Poll, which is a validation of your new name for your passport, bank cards, driving licence and other documents. Although a Deed Poll is not mandatory for marriage, possessing it is definitely an advantage.

If you reside in the U.K., getting your name officially changed is a very easy process. Moreover, it does not cost a fortune, nor is a time-consuming process. In addition, it does not require complex and taxing formalities like visiting courts and dealing with lawyers. The Deed Poll procedure is uncomplicated as it’s carried out without the intervention of outside people.  All you have to do is get in touch with a reputed institute like the UK Deed Poll Office and entrust the job to them.

Don’t know how to Change your Name Officially? Here’s your Step-by-Step Guide

 Have a look at the points below to know how to change your name with the help of UK Deed Poll Office: 

To begin with, please note that for your name change procedure, your Deed Poll will be declaring the following: 

  • You will cease to use your previous name
  • You will use only your new name in future
  • You make it known that people should address you by your new name

If you are okay with these mandates, you need to proceed further by doing the following:

  • Apply for a Deed Poll (Adult Deed Poll or Child Deed Poll) by filling the applicable online application form. Pay through the secure payment system of the UK Deed Poll Office.
  • Order for your Deed Poll before 3.00 p.m. between Monday and Friday. Applying on a weekday gives you the advantage of having your application processed on the same day and dispatched within two working days (via First Class Post).
  • On receiving your Deed Poll and duplicate copies, sign and have all copies witnessed. Witnessing the Deed Poll is done by an individual who takes on the responsibility of being your witness. Your witness maybe your friend, neighbour or colleague but not a relative, your partner or someone you live with.
  • Make a note of the agencies for which you might need extra copies of your Deed Poll. It is important to determine which institutes and organisations you need to intimate your name change.

Watch out for these While Choosing Your New Name

You need to adhere to certain boundaries while choosing your new name. It should not be offensive or inappropriate in any way nor should it be:

  • A single name
  • Blasphemous
  • Sexual connotation
  • Invasive to religious sentiments
  • Associated with names of criminal gangs or activities
  • Symbols, numbers or signs
  • Copyright violation of any form
  • Infringes on property rights

Abide by these pointers duly and rest assured, your Deed Poll will be processed successfully soon for your benefit.