Is a Dental Implant Right Option For Me?


A change in your smile, brought on by tooth loss or several losses, can significantly impact your daily life. Having gaps in your grin can lower your self-esteem, make it harder to complete oral functions, and increase your risk of developing oral health concerns.

Dental implants, when placed with the assistance of a dentist, can replace lost teeth and provide extensive restorative dental advantages. Having said that, not every patient will be able to have this procedure.

If you want to know if dental implants are right for you, a cosmetic dentist in Downtown Chicago can look at your teeth and gums.

For Whom Are Dental Implants Best Suitable?

  • Wanting a Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

A titanium post anchor is surgically implanted into a patient’s jaw to support a new set of teeth. The two will eventually merge, forming a solid base upon which the replacement teeth can rest. In the opinion of dentists, this fixed device provides a long-term solution because of its design.

With regular maintenance, a dental implant has a lifespan of over 20 years. Not having to worry about the appliance falling out at the worst possible time or having to replace it is something that many patients value.

However, not all patients may be willing to commit to a treatment that lasts for so long. A removable device, such as dentures, can be more appealing to them. 

  • Being in Possession of a Healthy Jaw

The anchor of the dental implant device must fuse with the jawbone for the device to work. A loose or diseased implant could result from this process going wrong. Your dentist will need to remove something from your mouth immediately.

To sidestep this issue, dentists check the condition of their patients’ jawbones before beginning this treatment. They use X-rays acquired during the dentist appointment to check the jaw.

After losing a tooth, the jawbone may begin to atrophy since the root no longer stimulates the jaw. Because of this, you cannot correctly sustain an implant if there is too much loss. 

  • Displaying Dedication to the Implant Procedure

To get implants, patients must schedule three or more visits to the dentist spread out over a few months. You must be patient because this tooth replacement procedure will not produce instant gratification.

It takes dedication, perseverance, and concentration on the last stage to get through this treatment, so please be aware of that. The process begins with a consultation, continues with oral surgery to implant the anchors, and culminates with the placement of a dental prosthesis following your recovery.

To ensure that you are well-informed and comfortable with your dental health, your dentist will keep lines of communication open at all times. A gorgeous and complete restoration of your smile will ultimately be your reward.