How to Share Your Engagement News Using Mixbook


Life is fulfilling when we are grateful and happy for every moment and season it brings. However, there are events in life that we only have once during our existence, such as weddings. Such a moment is special, and it is best to make it as memorable as you can. Especially after saying yes to a marriage proposal, the joy and the excitement are unimaginable. To maintain the same when sharing your fantastic news, use Mixbook to make your engagement announcements. It is simple and fascinating. You will love it. Here is how you can create your engagement cards using Mixbook.

What is Mixbook?

Mixbook is an internet-based platform that gives you a chance to customize photo products in an easy and creative style. The service gives you the freedom to design your specific products using their provided features. They also offer printing services using top-quality papers and ship your orders to your doorstep.

Benefits of using Mixbook to create engagement cards

  •       The service is convenient. It is an online service, meaning you access it from wherever you are and at your convenience.
  •       It is affordable. Mixbook provides high-quality services with discounts of up to 50%.
  •       It gives you the chance to create something unique that defines you. Hence, saving you time and money you could have spent looking for something that you love.
  •       The steps are easy to follow
  •       The service has a live chat team to help you through your process, making it fun and uncomplicated.
  •       Mixbook has several filter options for your engagement card to help you personalize it as your own.

Mixbook gives you numerous options that can make your engagement news memorable, from colors to sizes and the number of photos. There are different romantic styles to select from, including hand-lettered, geometric, simple heart monogram, topography tag, and ring photo frame.

The process

Here are the steps to make a stunning engagement announcement using Mixbook.

  •       Sign up for Mixbook and find the engagement themes you like or best describes your love relationship with your partner.
  •       Add your favorite photo or the best photos as a couple.
  •       Using the available filter options on Mixbook such as stickers and backgrounds to customize it to the way you both love.
  •       Add the final embellishments, the paper, cover type, and size to give your card a warm and happy look and feel.

With Mixbook, the focus is to make your engagement announcement as unique as possible. From smooth matte, 100 lb. paper to premium 110 lb. silk paper, Mixbook guarantees elegant and beautiful cards to wow your friends and families.

You may also choose to add your names, wedding date, or your best picture as a couple to make it last in your loved ones’ minds. You can use all the creativity provided on Mixbook to make your engagement special, from holding hands, showing the ring, using pets or children, whichever works for you and your partner.

Bottom line

It is easy and affordable. High quality and great experience guaranteed, not forgetting fast deliveries right on your doorstep. Make your engagement count, share your love now and years to come with the fantastic engagement cards from Mixbook. Sign up to get started today.