How To Make A Website For Free? Learn How To Make Your Own Website


Nothing in this world is free! But thankfully some technological tools and online applications have made it possible for us to create our website for free. The modern era has seen some major advancements which has led to the launch of ready tools and platforms which allows the users to test their skills and make a website of their own without any costs involved.

If you have been searching for the right too on how to make a website for free, WordPress is the best platform for you. With a simple guided process you can make your own website in just a few days. Let’s begin!

Install WordPress

WordPress is a powerful Content Management System that is designed to be a communicative platform for the bloggers and website makers. Go to the WordPress website and install its application on the laptop to begin with the process. The WP page allows you to learn about what it needs to design a website and take a deep insight on how it works.

Login, register and begin!

Create a login on WordPress with your selected domain name. Select the kind of website you want and the URL you would like. With some personal details like email address, name, etc you can register on WordPress and begin with website designing. This takes you to the dashboard which has all the settings and backend information on the working of the website. This is your admin page!

Choose the themes, templates and more

On the admin page you can have a preview of what your website looks like. Go to the settings of templates, themes and more to give a brand new look to your website. With ready colour schemes, designs, patterns and more you can customize your website and make it your own. There is also space to put up information bars, web pages and website information.

Launch the website

After you have successfully completed the designing process, its time for you to put up content on the website! Add details here to make the website more informative. The content can be in the form of blog posts, images, graphics, doodles, videos etc.  Launch the website and let the content build up to make for the website look appealing. The more content you post, the website becomes a comprehensive one.

Make use of WordPress as it is a ready tool with no added cost to make a website and blog. The creative journey is interesting and informative!