Guide To Learn About Various Traditional Document Shredding Methods


Businesses that store sensitive information pertaining to their clients will need to safely dispose that information by using proper document shredding methods. A business needs to understand that not all shredding ways are equal. Traditional and hard-drive shredding methods are found to be safer data destruction methods. Let us know more about them.

Why it is necessary to hire professional assistance?

Discarding confidential data of your business anywhere in the business premise becomes public property. A person who has malicious intent can use that information to damage the business reputation. That is the reason hiring a professional paper shredding service proves to be advantageous for a business.

Commercial shredding service uses the best tools and technology to quickly and completely destroy all the unwanted business documents easily.  In fact, to remove any doubts, there are several paper shredding firms that encourage you to view the entire shredding process to see how safely and efficiently your documents get completely destroyed.

Traditional Document Shredding Services

There are different types of secure form of document shredding offers protection of the sensitive information of former client.

Strip-cutting method

This method shreds the document into long horizontal strips. This method is fast but not very secure.

Cross-cutting method

This document shredding method destroys documents into horizontal and vertical pieces. It is relatively fast and offers higher level of security as compared to strip-cutting.


This method shreds confidential business documents into confetti. There is no way for the documents to again pieced back together. This ensures the ultimate security for a business.

Hard drive shredding methods

In present digital age, it becomes very important for a business to keep client data secure. Deleting files via software interface can’t provide the same protection level as achieved by physically destruction of a hard drive. This method involves crushing and shearing methods to make sure it is impossible to recover or reconstruct the hard drive again.

Shearing a drive permanently destroys the electronic components and drive platter of the drive. Crushing it punches an irreversible hole in the drive, and fracturing its magnetic components, thereby making the data on the drive unrecoverable.


It has been seen that in most of the companies, people have the habit of removing all the waste documents in the recycle bin. They are unaware of the fact that it can cause harm to the business. Better document destruction methods keep the business safe and protection at all times.