Domino qq- Is It Good For The Brain?


There was a time when people planned trips to Las Vegas just to gamble and play poker. The internet has not only made the world smaller, but has also created a way of experiencing just about anything online. One such thing is domino qq. People from all around the world can play poker online, while sitting in their rooms.

Domino qq now let’s you play with real money. There are several platforms which provide this opportunity of playing with a valid currency. For users’ safety, there are many security factors that are looked into before an online platform is approved and verified for such games. Other than this, all users must go through the KYC approval to ensure that all the players are playing with their real identities. The platform also ensures that the games are not rigged in any way and require an approved certification for that.

Now that we have looked at what domino qq is all about, let’s see if it is actually good for health or not: 

  • Studies have shown that poker helps in reducing our chances of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and long or short term Dementia. It also makes a person more calculative in taking decisions and can be a good exercise for the brain.
  • Poker is known for leading people to addiction and losing their hard earned money. Poker can cause several psychological problems. Poker players often deal with anxiety, depression, anger issues, addiction and alcoholism.
  • Domino qq has also made people lazy; they sit in front of screens the whole day at work, domino qq pushes them to sit in front of it a little longer, which ends up being the whole day. This can also lead to reducing eye sight.

As mentioned above, poker has some good as well as some bad points which should be taken into consideration. One must know how much time should be spent on such platforms. Games are fun to play, but too much of anything can be fatal.