Do I Need a Lawyer if I’m Hit by a Drunk Driver?


Every type of car accident is full of legal, financial, and medical consequences, all of which are difficult to navigate on your own. To make matters worse, you cannot always count on your insurance provider to fulfill their policy promises to you by providing compensation to you as the victim. In fact, most insurance providers are known to actively do the opposite of this, which is especially devastating when you need them the most, such as in the case of a drunk driving incident. There are many details to keep track of in drunk driving collisions, so you will surely need the help of a good car accident lawyer to gather all relevant evidence to build you a successful case for compensation.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Resolve a Drunk Driving Collision

To you, the case may seem clear as day. You were driving responsibly, and suddenly, you were struck by a drunk driver. Further, if they were visibly intoxicated, it may seem as if the case should be open-and-shut. Unfortunately, things are not always this straightforward. You will likely be required to procure substantial evidence demonstrating the negligence of the driver and the presence of alcohol in their system.

As a civilian, this might be difficult to accomplish beyond retrieving their blood alcohol content (BAC) from the police report. Your recollection of the smell of alcohol on their breath or hearing their slurred speech is not enough to build a case on its own – especially if it comes down to your word versus theirs. With legal assistance, these challenges will be significantly easier to navigate. For example, as you start to build your case, the lawyer will be able to tap into resources that are otherwise unavailable to you:

  • Eyewitness testimonies
  • Statements from crash investigators, highway patrol, collision reconstructionists, etc.
  • Expert testimonies from medical experts

A car accident lawyer will pull evidence from all possible sources to demonstrate innocence on your behalf and the negligence of the drunk driver. Unlike working with an insurance company who prioritizes their money over your wellbeing, hiring a lawyer will ensure that your health, financial security, and welfare are at the forefront of all legal matters.

What to Know About Pursuing a Lawsuit Against a Drunk Driver

Keep in mind that the state in which you’re driving may have laws that can either add to or take away from the amount of compensation you’re owed after a drunk driving collision. For example, in states enforcing “comparative negligence” laws, your compensation award may be reduced if you are found to be partially responsible for the crash.

However, there are additional factors that may result in a higher compensation award, such as:

  • If the impaired driver was operating a commercial vehicle.
  • If the drunk driver was underaged and was served alcohol illegally by party hosts or another establishment.

Don’t rely on your insurance provider to determine a fair settlement for your case. They are notorious for lowballing car accident victims, something that can severely hurt your chances of experiencing a thorough medical and financial recovery. If you’re ready to pursue legal action with a robust and evidence-supported case that will get you all necessary compensation, get in touch with a car accident lawyer today.