Create Spaces With Glass Room Dividers  


Glass Is A Structural And Design Component Used By Structural Engineers And Interior Space & Room Planners

The classic materials used as components in a load-carrying structures system are masonry, concrete, steel, and timber. Glass, being brittle, lacks elastic behavior, but still can be used to offset the influence of the local stresses, concentrated in a building structure as part of a load-carrying structural system. Architectural glass is hardened through a tempering process of heating and cooling to increase its load-bearing characteristics. The tempering of glass is similar to the hardening of iron to increase its strength. Otherwise, iron can be brittle upon the application of growing forces. The tempering of glass permits buildings to have glass walls. An additional type of glass used in building construction is laminated glass that is referred to as safety glass, which will hold together when broken. Laminated glass has layers of glass bonded together with an interlayer such as ethylene-vinyl acetate.

Glass Room Dividers

Glass room dividers Los Angeles requires the same strength and safety as used by structural engineers and comes in such colors and textures as smoked, milky, mirrored, clear, frosted, and linen. The glass is both laminated and tempered. The types of glass room dividers Los Angeles include dividers that create office cubicles, swing doors, room dividers, interior sliding glass doors, privacy walls, partitions, glass room enclosures, and barn doors. Glass room dividers can be used in the areas of healthcare, hospitality, and retail.

Historically, the glass room dividers Los Angeles, especially the sliding doors, have been the most popular in dividing the home and the patio or even in the interior of the home to create an extra room. Today’s version of the sliding door has been modernized by technology and design. The sliding door has:
a) become more attractive with upgraded locking mechanisms,
b) energy-efficient with multiple gas-filled panes,
c) improvement of strength and safety, and
d) coated glass to make the glass UV resistant.

Remodeling Homes

Of all the home styles in America, Los Angeles architecture provides an opportunity to dramatically upgrade the home’s interior with glass room dividers Los Angeles without innovative designers changing the distinctive home’s exterior. Los Angeles architecture includes the following styles: Victorian, Craftsman, Beaux-Arts, Mission Revival, Spanish Colonial Revival, Churrigueresquem, Googie, Bungalow courts, Storybook, Chateauesque/French Normandy, Georgian Revival, Art Deco, Streamline Moderne, Hollywood Regency, Midcentury Modern, and Postmodern. It is clear that the use of glass room dividers is not a slave to architectural style but enhances the style.

It is said that “architects, designers, and homeowners are using innovative glass solutions to enhance their interior spaces.” Why glass? Glass improves lighting, reduces energy costs, promotes openness, transparency, and simplicity.