Choosing the Right Household Staff  


Running a household is not always easy for working families. The interviewing and screening process can take weeks. Determining compensation and job responsibilities can also be a challenge. It can help to work with a household staffing agency but you still need to know what categories and positions you need to fill. At the right household staffing agency, you can be paired with the most suitable candidates for your home based on your specific needs. Household staff can consist of different positions and you may need to hire for more than one position.

Childcare: For childcare, a household staffing agency can help you find a nanny or baby nurse. A nanny is a professional who is responsible for providing quality childcare and works to do child-related chores around the house. A baby nurse is an experienced and skilled professional who will help the care of a newborn during the first days of a baby’s life. Baby nurses can do dressing, feeding, sleep training, and bathing. A governess can act as a qualified teacher to teach school-aged children.

Management: For management staff, you may need to hire an estate manager, a house manager, or a personal assistant. These roles can be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the household, managing the finances, and supervising the household employees that do cooking and cleaning.

Housekeeping: The role of the housekeeping staff is to keep your house organized, neat, and tidy. Depending on the size of your home, you may need an executive housekeeper who has experience in working in large multi-staff homes. Duties can be limited to daily housekeeping chores, including sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning toilets, showers and sinks, making beds, doing laundry, and keeping rooms presentable and neat. Some housekeepers will prepare meals. A handyman can also have knowledge of general maintenance and can help with light yard work or changing light bulbs. A large family may need a laundress to help the housekeeper with washing clothes and ironing.

Culinary: If food preparation is what you need help with for your household then you will need to find a personal chef or cook. Cooks and personal chefs will plan a menu and prepare meals in the home according to the taste of their employer. They also make sure the kitchen and cooking utensils are clean. With a personal chef, you may also not need to make trips to the grocery store since this person is responsible for shopping for groceries and making sure the refrigerator and pantry are always stocked.

Formal: This category is for homes that need a butler or valet. A butler can help hold the family together. His or her responsibilities can take the weight off a busy family when both adults are working long hours. A valet can keep your drawers and closets organized and help with the wardrobe when traveling.