Basic Golf Swing Tips for Every Level


Nobody ever said golf was an easy game and everyone is looking for ways to improve their game. One of the common areas that people will focus on is their golf swing. Because people are able to practice their golf swing in their office, their living room, and their backyard, many golfers will devote hours to working on their swing. It takes perfect practice to make perfect swings and there are a handful golf swing tips that everyone should keep in mind.

Focus on the Set-Up

People often swing away at the ball without ever thinking about their set up; however, the set up dictates everything from the beginning through to the end. Therefore, why not take a few extra seconds and make sure that the set up is perfect? Line up the ball with the target and then make sure that the feet are shoulder-width apart and parallel with the target. Next, make sure that the ball is the appropriate depth when compared to the stance. Finally, make sure that the hands and shoulders are lined up as well.

Thinking About the Take Back

The next part of the swing is the take back. During the take back, keep the right leg flexed and the make sure that the elbows remain straight. The arms and the shaft of the club need to remain straight. Make sure that both of the arms move together. All of the body’s movement needs to be focused on the same goal and should be moving in unison. With the proper take back, the rest of the swing should flow naturally and lead to a clean strike.

The Impact: Golf Swing Tips

The next part is the impact which is what most people will focus on. In order to generate a more powerful swing, it is important to swing with the entire body and not just the arms. Remember to rotate the hips to generate additional power from the core. Ensure that the spine and the club make a consistent angle to prevent the ball from slicing or hooking. The direction of the palm at impact is going to dictate the flight of the ball.

Working on the Golf Swing

These are only a few of the numerous tips that people should follow to improve their golf swing. Everyone has a different swing and different practice strategies might work better for different people. Why not give these tips a shot and see if they help shave a few strokes off of the score?