Avoiding the five fails of shisha smoking


Like everything else in life, there are the don’ts and the dos when you want to hubble bubble smoking, otherwise known as shisha smoking. To those of you who have not been initiated to shisha smoking, it may seem that shisha smoking is a pretty straight forward thing to do, not that it is not totally straight forward it’s just that you want to avoid a few of massive shisha smoking “no”s that many shisha smoking amateurs fall foul of.

You have all heard of the word “fail,” and you comprehend that it is not great to be the butt of a fail joke. So if you are indeed intending to impress your friends with your shisha prowess, then you read up on what to do and what not to do when smoking shisha with friends, which you will find in this article.

Below are some of the fails that you should avoid when smoking shisha in the quest of trying to impress your shisha friends with your shisha prowess.

1 Don’t overfill your shisha base

Adding too much water in the base of your shishas pipe could bring disaster for your hubble bubble smoking session as your friends, and your will probably end up sucking a mouthful of water through your hookah hoses, which will damage the hoses and cause a bit of a rubbish hookah smoking session.

It is recommendable that when filling the base to its cover the stem of your hookah pipe by about one point five inches for the purpose of getting the most from your shisha smoke, so do not fill the base with water to the top or you cloud be looking at a lot of laughs from your friends and at the expense of a new mouthpiece which is very expensive in a hookah sale.

2 Don’t hog the shisha

Do not be greedy with the shisha as nobody likes a greedy person. Shisha smoking is most enjoyable with friends, so you will probably lose those friends if you decide to smoke all the shisha and not let them have a go. Puff and pass, patiently waiting your turn and savouring the flavor of how your shisha smoking session should be.

Suppose you are not patient enough to wait around for your shisha smoking turn to reach. In that case, it is advisable that you invest in a hookah with multiple holes so that you can have a house all to yourself, but always keep in mind that your friend will still notice If you are the one getting the most out of the bowl.

3 Don’t neglect your pipe

It is essential that you give your hookah pipe some TLC regularly, or at least whenever you use your hookah. Clean all of the hookah’s part after every smoking session to be sure that you get the best smoking experience every time; also, remember to replenish the water in the base every time you smoke a fresh bowl.