Atom Cosmos Wallet: Manages User’s Atom Assets!


Cosmos wallet

The mobile app of Atom Cosmos Wallet works with different blockchain wallets and crypto tokens. The wallet controls the funds. Users can send, receive, exchange, and store their cryptocurrency by using the mobile interface. The crypto tokens of the ecosystem of the cosmos are known as ATOM. Users can earn them by the hybrid algorithm of Proof-of-Stake. People can stake them as a validator node. Depending on the staking ratio, inflation varies a lot. They can delegate their token to a validator.

Usage of Atom wallet

The aim of the cosmos blockchain solves the interoperability and scalability issues. It leads the Proof-of-Stake protocol that consists of various independent blockchain solutions known as zones. It attaches to the blockchain, known as a hub. The zones secure the consensus engine and provide high performance. Accountability ensures the behavior of malicious actors. ATOM is a token that performs high.

Types of ATOM wallets

There are five types of Atoms Cosmos Wallet:

  • Trust wallet: the wallet supports ATOM tokens. The wallet aims to carry the multi-asset users so they can store their cryptocurrencies securely. It is more credible for the users. It is a favorite among them as the wallet stores the crypto assets in iOS and Android devices and is one of the best Atom Cosmos wallet.
  • imToken: imToken supports ATOM tokens along with different other crypto tokens. It provides advanced features that make the user experience to another level. It supports many hardware wallets and is available for both Android and iOS users. It is one of the best wallets that buy Cosmos atoms through imToken.
  • WeTez: WeTez is an android wallet with multiple assets. It is new in the market and recently released. WeTez is a wallet that is password protected and uses the Cosmos network to operate a validator. It supports Cosmos, IRIS net, and Tezos. It does not have any governance feature and is available for both Android and iOS devices.
  • Cosmostation: Cosmostation is an ATOM wallet that is a fully decentralized android wallet. It is a wallet that supports the ATOM tokens and has experienced a better review from users. It has received more than 1000 installations. Cosmostation is a wallet released by a Korean team that runs their own Cosmos block validator and explorer. It has a great design and OR code. The features of the wallet are reliable compared to other cosmos wallets.
  • Lunagram: Lunagram is the new Cosmos ATOM wallet released. It is a wallet released in May 2019 and based on Android software. It has already been rated 4.7 stars by the years. People can find this Lunagram on a telegram powered messaging platform. The security of Lunagram is through biometric technology with anti-screen capture. The users can use telegram services with the original app.


Atom Cosmos wallet is an efficient and secure wallet to store the ATOM tokens. It is reliable and provides services to perform transactions securely.