How does the prepaid gift balance work?

Prepaid gift balance is a membership kind of card that is provided to you by some company, bank or organization because of being a part of it. It acts like a wallet that has stored amount and can be transacted or utilized in case of shopping.

Prepaid gift balance is not a credit card but is an alternative of that. It doesn’t constitute of many of the features that are present in the credit card. But, in many cases it is better than credit cards.

Prepaid gift balance is always gifted to those people who are somehow affiliated with the issuing organization or the bank. This makes it more secure as having protection features.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Everything in this entire world has its own worth and invalidity. Similarly, prepaid gift check also comes with its own benefits and harms. When on one side, it’s good to have that, on the other side; it lacks something which should be rectified.

Prepaid gift balance has following benefits:

  • It is easy to get. You can get it as a prize or gift or you can get it yourself by purchasing. The method of purchasing is also very convenient.
  • It is reloadable. That means that once you get out of the money in it, you may reload more amounts in it as per your requirements. It provides expandability in this way. Thus it is not limited for loading with money which is a good thing.
  • You can get a high security aspect if you get this card. Credit cards do not allow tracking. Once you lose them, you cannot get them back. But, on the other hand, prepaid gift balance provides you convenient way of getting your card if in case of lost. You can easily report the relevant organization form where you got it and get it.

Prepaid gift balance has following drawbacks:

  • It is only used in the retailers, drug stores or online stores of those relevant sellers. As it is given as a gift for the workers in terms of the membership for the sake of promotion, it can only be used there.
  • It can be not a good sign if the relevant organization or bank is out of market or banned. Once the organization, you got the card from, is shut down, you will no more be able to get the card on its full working or benefits.
  • It doesn’t allow saving unlike credit cards. You can only spend the amount in a fixed time and are no longer able to get your money saved.


Prepaid gift balance is a good option for those who do not have any bank account so that they can get their money in their so called wallet. For adults who are not having their bank account can be a good source of giving this card to. Although, it does not comprise of many much feature but is a very good option.