A Guide to Cost Effective Landscape Design


If you have an outdoor area that needs a facelift, spend a little time thinking about what you would like to do with this space, and you shouldn’t feel limited in any way, as everything is possible. Talking to an experienced landscape design firm would certainly make you aware of the many possibilities, and like every project, there must be a starting point.

Create a Floor Plan

The best way to design an outdoor area is to create a floor plan, much like you would with a room like the kitchen or bathroom, and certain inanimate objects such as staircases, retaining walls and fencing should be included. Effective landscape architecture design incorporates every feature of the space, and with a scaled down floor plan, you can really see the outcome. If you approach an established landscape design firm, they would likely use 3D computer technology to create designs for their clients, which gives you a clear picture of how the space would look.

Natural Features

While we can easily incorporate traditional materials into our design, composites offer a lot in terms of affordability and a lack of maintenance. Clever use of nature is always a great way to conceal unattractive elements of an outdoor area, which is something the landscape designer uses to good effect. Creeping evergreens, for example, can add a touch of natural beauty to a walkway or outdoor staircase, and tropical plants really do offer a lot of potential, especially in places like Singapore or Malaysia.

Seek Professional Input

If you have a few design ideas, why not approach a professional landscape designer? This is the best way to come up with the right design, and once the designer has your ideas, he or she can begin to plan a workable layout. Then, with your budget in mind, the designer can put together a workable plan that provides you with the perfect design that makes the most out of the resources you have.

Working to Budget

Every landscape designer understands the need to keep within the constraints of a budget, and being able to come up with the goods at an agreed price is what makes a designer what he is. So, if you have a rough idea how much you want to invest in revamping your outdoor area, talk to a professional and you might be surprised to learn that affordability is achievable.


One of the most important elements of any exterior space, LED lighting offers so much scope, and if you take note of the evenings in downtown Singapore, you can see just how effective lighting can be. Being creative with illumination can drastically improve any outdoor area, and LED makes it all possible. The colour spectrum is virtually limitless, and LED lighting uses very little energy, and in a tropical climate, you can make excellent use of solar power.

It might be your back garden, or a section of the land around your business premises, and if you want to transform any outdoor space, think design and approach the professionals.