5 Ways To Highlight Your Staircase  


Where in your home can you get the most bang for your remodeling effort? Bathrooms and kitchens are multi-month jobs, and living rooms and dining rooms call for an entire new suite of furniture, but there’s one oft-overlooked area where a new look is readily achievable – your stairway! Maybe you’ve redone your entire house and are looking for a final touch, or maybe you want a manageable project that can provide some quick pizzazz. In either case, consider these tips for making your staircase a showcase.

  1. Step Up the Steps

The stairs don’t have to be covered by a lackluster extension of the lower level carpet. Try one of these eye-popping ideas:

  • Paint the risers. A bright accentuating color, especially white, stands out. Or alternate several shades of stain for a look that will be noticed.
  • Contrast the carpeting. Rather than match the upstairs or downstairs, give your staircase its own color.
  • Add a runner. Whether it’s solid, striped or patterned it will add a touch of iteresrt.
  1. Adorn the Walls
  • Change the color. Use complementary or contrasting paint, or jazz it up with some wallpaper.
  • Hang a tapestry.
  • Add artwork, anything from paintings to wall sculpture to a staggered family portrait suite to a wall collage.
  1. Dress Up Your Intermediate Landing

If your staircase bends or turns and you have one of these, it’s a unique opportunity to create a special place. You can use wall art here, but consider a different idea:

  • Install floating shelves, the ones that attach to the wall and look like they’re coming out of nowhere.
  • Place a small table in an out-of-the-way corner. As with the shelves, top it with stand-up photos and art, hobby collections, filled wicker baskets or tabletop sculpture.
  1. Turn Up the Light
  • Replace a nondescript overhead light with a vibrant chandelier.
  • Position a full length mirror on an intermediate or upper landing to brighten and enlarge your stairway.
  • If you’re ambitious and have access to the roof or an external wall, cut in a high window or a skylight.
  1. Modernize Your Railing

One way is to paint the spindles in a contrasting color, or maybe alternate two or three colors. But for an especially stunning and unique look, order a wrought iron railing from Universal Iron Doors. We’re famous for inventive and elegant custom-made iron doors and apply the same artistic skill to the wrought iron railing. Our creations fit any stairway, balcony or loft, indoors or out. If you can imagine it, we can built it. Check out the examples on our website and get a railing like no one else’s.